The Weighing of the Heart

“The Weighing of the Heart” is an animated film by Rosie Benson and Laura Weber. It tells the story of Egyptian half-god Anubis, weighing the hearts of the dead and guiding their souls towards their mythical heaven Aaru. When suddenly the demon Ammit disrupts the holy ritual by wanting to devour an innocent soul, Anubis is challenged to stand up for justice. The film will have its premiere in early 2019.

For the soundtrack I worked with a string orchestra, choir and several soloists (duduk, bansuri, vocals) as well as synthesizers. I tried to create a distinctive musical world for this film in order to serve the mystical atmosphere and the beautiful animation.



TRIADE is a game by Nicole Manojlovic. It is set in an abstract-metaphorical world, where the player has to relive their memories and make progress via their inner growth. The journey is accompanied by the goddesses Hestia and Hebe, the final goal is to find memory fragments to reconstruct the story, which the player finds themselves in.

The soundtrack reflects the ethereal atmosphere of the dreamy world the game is set in. During the experience, adaptive game sound comes in play, which was created through different layers of music as well as sound implementation via Fmod.

Market of Lost Things

“There's a place where creatures of all kinds gather. A place to find mislaid and forgotten objects. This place is called The Market of Lost Things. A girl wakes up without her face and needs to find a new one.”

“Market of Lost Things” is a film by Zaide Kutay and Christelle Serrano. Inspired by the setting of the movie, a fairytale-like Tokyo, I created a soundtrack combining organic sounds and synthesizers. By editing and manipulating the recordings of a hurdy gurdy, prepared piano, vocals and effects, I discovered archaic soundscapes and paired them with synthetic beats and drones.

Normal Day - VR Film

“Our artistic endeavor was to explore how the physical traumas of sickness and violence damage the mind through the body, and how touching cares for the mind despite its inability to explicitly heal the body. Our shared fascination with the technology and its abilities led us to the conception of this interactive VR journey: one where no progress is possible unless the viewer chooses to make a physical connection with another human being accompanying them in this experience.”

“Normal Day” is a virtual reality documentary, directed by Natasha Babenko and Ayushman Pandey. The film accompanies a ballet dancer through her journey of fighting cancer. It was a pleasure to work with such passionate directors.

The film was screened at many festivals and won several awards, such as “Best VR-Film” at Global Film Festival Award and Calcutta International Festival.